Pole Fitness is a sport or exercise similar to what you would receive at the gym.  You would expect the same quality in safety practices and continued education from your pole fitness instructors as you would your personal trainers.  If you are learning outdated techniques, then you aren’t receiving the best instruction out there.  Our instructors travel to California once a year at least to learn from the biggest names in the pole community, so you can be sure you are receiving the most up to date, safe, and comprehensive pole education.

Lindsay started pole dancing in 2002, and has been teaching since 2005. Lindsay was the first pole dancer from Arizona to ever take part in any national or international pole competition. Her titles include: 1st Place Pole Classic 2012, 3rd Place Group Division IPDC (with Aerial Intensity), 3rd place Miss Pole Champ 2012, 2nd place Miss Pole Champ Southwest 2013, and 1st Place Miss Pole Champ Southwest 2014, and 3rd Place Paragon International Pole Championship Doubles Division Being a pole instructor and owning a pole studio are the two most amazing aspects of Lindsay’s life, and she can’t wait to share her passion with new people everyday.

Andrea found pole in 2011, but didn’t turn it into a hobby until moving to AZ in 2013. Having a background in gymnastics and dance, this was the perfect sport to continue challenging and growing as an athlete. Andrea started performing in 2014 and did her first competition in 2016. She hopes to continue to grow in the aerial industry, and inspire others by performing and teaching. She recently competed in the Pacific Pole Championship and placed 3rd in the Level 3 Championship division.


Caro has been pole dancing for 8 years and has been teaching pole dance for 4 years. Her brief experience with dance included hip-hop, jazz, ballet, and belly dance. However no forms of dance really stuck with her until she touched a pole. Caro has competed in pole competitions in both exotic and pole doubles. She is active in the community and volunteers at the women’s shelter for domestic violence. She is all about promoting self love and creating a positive environment. She also teaches twerk classes with a mix of hip hop and floor work. Come shake your butt and get a full cardio work out

Tina began pole dancing in 2012 and immediately fell in love with the freedom of self-expression that it allows. Tina began teaching in 2012, beginning first with group fitness classes; pole in 2014. Tina is also certified as a Pilates teacher. Tina loves the athleticism and strength,  grace and sensuality, that pole dance affords.

Tawnya has been training and performing in the aerial world for a decade. She began her journey as a pole artist, before transitioning to lyra and sling in almost any form you can think of. She’s performed for corporate events, creative shows, and talent competitions. She’s the founder/owner of the entertainment company, Elevated Aerials, and is a skilled seamstress/costume creator. She is also a rigging enthusiast and has completed courses on the subject matter.

Celine started pole dancing in 2015 and was immediately hooked. She is constantly amazed by the strength, grace, and power required from pole and all aerial apparatuses. She is currently completing her undergraduate degree from Arizona State University in nursing and is passionate about wholistic health and injury prevention. Celine continues to train through lifting weights, practicing pole and other aerial apparatuses, and stretching. She was trained under Jenna Ciotta to teach flexibility and is eager to share what she has learned with others.

MoNika Ell- Awesomesauce and
Amazeballs Aerial and Pole Genius

MoNika is the most amazing person on the planet.  That is all.