Dear Prowess Students,

At Prowess Pole Fitness, the safety of our students is our top priority. The following guidelines are to ensure the continued health of all of our students and staff and shall be followed until further notice:

  1. Masks- All students will be required to wear a mask that covers their face and nose the entire time they are at the studio.
  2. Waivers- All students are required to fill out a Covid-19 waiver prior to attending class. Waiver kiosks will not be available at the studio at this time, students can fill out the waiver by clicking the pink box in the bottom right corner of this page. The General Liability Waiver for new students as well as the Covid-19 Waiver link will also be included in class confirmation emails for your convenience.
  3. Personal belongings- Please wear the clothing you are intending to dance in, or wear a cover up to eliminate changing. Students are asked to bring their own water, yoga mat, pole grip and pole cleaning towel to the studio. For flexibility classes, please bring your own yoga strap and yoga blocks. Please limit the amount of personal belongings being brought into the studio to only the items listed above. Only these items and your cell phone will be allowed into the big room.
  4. Temperature Checks- We will be using a contactless thermometer to check temperature of all students upon entering the studio. If a student has a temperature that exceeds 100.4, they will be asked to return when their temperature has returned to a normal range. Students will not lose their payment or credit if this occurs. Please feel free to contact me and I am happy to extend packages or give credit if needed. Please stay home if you feel sick.
  5. Hand Washing- Upon entering the studio, all students will be asked to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds.
  6. Class Sizes and Timetable- All classes will have a maximum capacity of 5 students and 1 instructor. Aerial classes will be 1 person per apparatus. All 55 minute classes will be spread apart in 15 minute intervals to allow for cleaning of surfaces. All 85 minute classes will be reduced to 75 minutes to allow time for cleaning of surfaces.
  7. Entering and Exiting the Studio- Students are asked to wait in their vehicle until 5 minutes prior to classes beginning. When class is over, please gather your belongings and exit. Avoid contact with other students and Prowess employees. Students are free to interact outside provided it is at least 6 feet from the entrance of the studio.
  8. Small Room- The small room will not be available for use at this time.
  9. No Drop Ins- We cannot allow any students to drop into classes at this time. All classes must be booked online in advance. We will not be taking any payments in the studio.