Pole Classes

Intro to Pole- $20
This class is great for new students that have never taken a pole class before. This class focuses on basic flow and choreography, including pole spins, floor work, and transitions. Get an amazing workout while learning a fun pole dance routine. No prior pole dance experience is necessary.

Pole 1 (4 Week Series) – $100
If you are new to pole dancing and want to learn some amazing pole skills but don’t know where to begin, then this class is for you. In Level 1, you will learn the fundamentals of pole fitness including technique, strength training, an safety.  Features of this class include a yoga warm-up that focuses on improving flexibility, a whole bunch of spins around the pole, transitions, and a little floor work.  You’ll be flying before you know it!

Pole Choreography $20
For level 2, 3, & 4 students that want to improve their flow around the pole, and transitions between tricks.

Pole 2- $30
If you are now familiar with spins and basic dance routines, but want to take it to the next level, this class is for you.  It’s time to learn some cool poses from climbs, and begin to learn the building blocks for safe inversions (going upside down).  Features of this class include a yoga warm-up that focuses on improving flexibility.

Pole 3- $30
Are you ready to defy gravity?  This class is for you!  In Level 3, we will take you through the magic of inner thigh holds, leg hangs, and amazing inverted poses.  Build muscle and increase self-confidence with this high-flying, high-energy class.

Pole 4- $30
For students that are ready to brave the super tricky moves, holding inverted poses with just your arms, transitions and awesome combos.